Dedunu Dhananjaya
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I’m a dataphile fascinated by technology, with 8+ years of production experience. Was the youngest NoSQL DBA (MongoDB & Cassandra) at Pearson. Joined the first “social-good Big data” attempt in South Asia (Big Data for Development, LIRNEasia) which used over 10 million Sri Lankan citizens’ Transaction Generated Information (TGI). Moreover, I have tuned big data solutions as well as developed big data pipelines from scratch in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and the United States.

Skills & Technologies

Apache Hadoop Apache Spark Python
MySQL/MariaDB PostgreSQL MongoDB
Java/Scala AWS EMR/S3/RDS Ubuntu

Professional Experience

• Database Engineer - TransferWise, EstoniaDecember 2018 - to date
  – Automating DB Provisioning on AWS RDS
  – Responsible for monitoring 200+ production databases
  – Provision infrastructure using Terraform and Ansible
  – Implementing and maintaining Vividcortex support for databases

• Associate Technical Specialist - Pearson, Sri LankaApril 2017 - November 2018
  – Provided technical leadership to team members
  – Worked with product managers to transform requirements into solutions
  – Managed Kubernetes clusters
  – Improved the reliability of the system

• Senior Software Engineer - Pearson, Sri LankaAugust 2015 - March 2017
  – Developed a real-time analytical engine using AWS EMR/S3/RDS and Spark using Scala
  – Implemented data pipelines for ETL processes
  – Optimized long-running batch processes (Spark/MapReduce)
  – Research and evaluation of EMR cluster monitoring using Ganglia
  – Developed an EMR cluster provisioning web application using Python

• Software Engineer - Zaizi, Sri LankaJanuary 2015 - July 2015
  – Developed a Hadoop connector for Alfresco CMS
  – Developed Physical Record Management plug-in for Alfresco CMS
  – Integrated Alfresco indexer and Apache Storm

• Software Engineer - LIRNEasia, Sri LankaOctober 2014 - December 2014
  – Automated Hadoop cluster provisioning using Puppet (12 Node cluster) on Ubuntu platform
  – Optimized Hadoop MapReduce jobs
  – Geo-spatial data integration with Caller Detail Records (CDR)
  – Geo-spatial interpolation and aggregations for Mobility related analysis

• Associate Software Engineer - WSO2, Sri LankaJanuary 2014 - September 2014
  – Performed DevOps tasks for Big Data Research team
  – Data Analysis using Hadoop MapReduce, Pig and Hive on a 35+ TB dataset
  – Data Visualization using D3js

• Intern - Pearson, Sri LankaSeptember 2012 - December 2013
  – Responsible for MongoDB Production Monitoring
  – Designed and Implemented Databases/Database objects with MongoDB, Cassandra, and MS SQL Server
  – Database Optimization

Education & Professional Training

• Bachelor in Information Technology2016
  University of Colombo School of Computing

• Advanced Java Application Development using Java EE2012
  University of Colombo School of Computing


• Winner of the Pearson Global Business & Technology Services Hackathon 2018 in the “AI/Machine Learning” category by presenting the Effective Learning Index using Convolutional Neural Networks

• Winner of the Pan Pearson Hackathon 2015 in the “Outside Pearson value” category by presenting the Student Probabilistic Instantaneous Knowledge Evaluation system using Naive Bayes classifier

Projects & Publications

Big Data for DevelopmentMay 2013 - February 2017

LIRNEasia has negotiated access to months of anonymized, temporal and geo-referenced, high velocity, Transaction Generated Information (TGI) from multiple operators in Sri Lanka. These data sets can collectively shed rich insights into the mobility, connectedness, and consumption of more than 10 million people in Sri Lanka (i.e. more than 50% of Sri Lanka's population). Such insights from Big Data analytics can positively inform multiple policy domains (transportation and infrastructure policy, urban planning, disaster preparedness, health policy, and even social policy).

Sriganesh L, Gabriel EK, NH Nisana DS, Yuhei M, Dedunu D, Rohan S, The Potential of Mobile Network Big Data as a Tool in Colombo’s Transportation and Urban Planning ITID (2016).