Are we writing off free-will with code?

Are we developing so-called solutions to diminish free-will, relationships and society as we know it?

First of all, free-will is itself questionable that if it exists. Our choices depend on the influences that we have grown up, environment and many other uncountable factors. But it is naturally a gradual process of shaping up a human and building up an identity. [1]

All the data-driven companies are investing millions and billions of dollars to improved tricks to keep users hooked on their platforms. Google, Facebook, Twitter and Netflix are few of the biggest offenders. They are consciously violating ethics. [2][3]

Today, we see entities influencing on politics using these platforms. Tech companies are affecting the free-will. Traditional marketing failed to achieve the current level of personalized target campaigns. We are designing and improving algorithms which eventually take away freedom from us. We will end up being digital slaves. Many have part of their identity embedded in social media. Advancements of the data science are not leading us to the utopia unless we keep using them for good. [4][5]

Relationships and society are also falling apart. Eco-chambers are not educating or improving anyone’s perspective. Even though we are connected, social networks are making friendships competitive instead of healthy. Tech companies are pumping anxiety to their users.

We will be distracted by frivolous platforms while the whole world burns down to ashes.[6]

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