Nokia 4.2 Review

I recently bought a Nokia 4.2 32GB/3GB phone. I am quite happy with it. But I wanted to write down the pros and cons of the device. I bought this device three months ago. It costs me around 120 EUR/130 USD. Prior to this, I used an Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. I was never happy with the software. It was bloated with so many applications I didn’t use.

I love the software runs on Nokia 4.2. When I bought the phone it was running Android 9. Last week I got an Android 10 update too!

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

I like the size of the phone, very similar to iPhone 5S/SE dimensions. It is easy to handle and type with one hand. Since this is an Android One device, it is tightly connected to Google ecosystem. This is the first Android phone I started to like. But there are a few problems. The wifi module doesn’t support 5Ghz access points. Moreover, this has a mini USB port. (Almost every other phone has USB-C). Speakers are not high quality. The camera is not that good. You can’t remove Google search box on the desktop. I’m not quite happy about that.

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Battery life is quite good. It lasts 1-2 days with moderate use. I am on wifi most of the times. The operating system is clutter-free. Almost no bloatware. HMD Global issues security patches frequently. Even though this phone has NFC, Google Pay is not available in Estonia. Amazing integration with Google assistant. When I turn off the alarm, it can trigger my morning routine. A routine can tell you about the weather, commute, news and many more. It is a dual sim phone and has a slot for microSD card too. You can use both SIMs and microSD card at the same time.



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