Paradox: Privacy vs AI

We are living in an age where we would love to experience better predictions. Predictions can come in many ways. The simplest example is the recommendations. Amazon, Netflix and Spotify recommend it all the time. They provide impressive recommendations. Everybody loves when AI/ML makes our lives easier. It can be recognizing faces or showing you the news you want to see.[1] We have systems which beat specialists. [2]

Meanwhile, on the other hand, everybody worries about privacy. Corporations pay billions of dollars to settle so-called privacy-related disputes.[3] People are concerned about privacy more than ever.

On the contrast, we need more data to improve AI. Should we compromise? Is curing cancer more important than individual privacy? Can pseudo-anonymous data help to overcome these challenges? [4] No matter how we anonymous data, we will have the signature of the individuals. A better AI always can crack and get back to individuals.[5]

Where are we going to draw the line?

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