Java EE 7 Essentials - Book Review

Java is one of my favourite languages. A long time ago I learnt Java EE. And this book polished that knowledge I had. This book covers from servlets to EJBs, SOAP web services and many more things. But I should highlight one important thing. If you really don’t know anything about Java EE, this is not for you. But if you are Java EE 6 Guru or you know something about Java EE, This is written for you. 

For Guru’s, this will explain the new feature with good examples. And that example is enough to understand the new feature. Although this book has 300 pages, it is worth more than that. In a way, this book deserves as a reference book. When you need to find something new you can just turn some pages and find the thing what you are looking about Java EE. There would be nice brief examples to help you to understand the topic you are looking for.

This is a good book. I like it. Here is the link to buy this book:

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