Ubuntu Pre-installed Dell Laptops

Recently I went to Unity Plaza to buy a laptop for one of my friends who is going to university. So she doesn't want a computer with high specs. She just wanted to surf and do her day to day stuff with a laptop. Because of that, I was looking for a Core i3 without dedicated VGA but little bit more ram. Spec was like below as I remember,

  • Core i3 2.4GHz
  • 4GB RAM
  • 500GB HDD
  • Ubuntu Pre Installed
And Laptop's price was around 60,000 LKR. But the last option is the one which makes it special for me. Most of the laptops which were in Unity Plaza was pre-installed with Windows 8, Ubuntu or Windows 7. But most of them come with Ubuntu. That is a good sign for Ubuntu. But it was Ubuntu 11.10 not at least 12.04. But the guy in shop asked that they can installed Windows 8 or Windows 7 trial version. And then he told me, "You can crack it and use!". Some how my friend is not much techie. But because of Virus problem, she agreed to work with Ubuntu. So I'm happy a lot. I promoted Ubuntu to a new user. If she uses Ubuntu forever, Wow that's great! 

Below laptops appearance is 100% same to the laptop my friend purchased. But it was Core i3, not i5.

Ubuntu Logo On Laptop

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