I’m using MongoDB for about 6 months. And some guys asked about an IDE. (Basically a GUI tool for MongoDB) At that time there was only one usable GUI Tool. And it is MongoVUE. It is also a painful one. So I gave it up. And now I’m used to MongoDB shell. And I can do everything in MongoDB shell.
But for Developers and QAs to get to know whether their applications are running properly, they need to check MongoDB instances. For them using MongoDB Shell is something painful.
But recently from MongoDB Java Developer course, I got to know about MonjaDB. MonjaDB is a plugin to an Eclipse IDE. And it is a really cool IDE. This one is available on any platform where Eclipse is available.
This one I just saw one of my colleagues is going to try. This one is not a plugin. And this one also an awesome tool. But only available on Macs and Windows. RoboMongo is more into DBAs side. And it supports MongoDB shell as well. And RoboMongo is a combination of a set of products. And it supports Intellisense like thing for MongoDB commands 
Enjoy MongoDB !!!
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