Login to a Linux box

After the first day of Linux training, I got IP, Username and Password for a Linux box. But I really didn't know how to log in to a Linux box with Credentials. Then I asked from a few guys, unfortunately, they also didn't know what is the way to log in to Linux box.

Then I asked the guy who was next to me. How to log in to this box, then he told you to have to use putty for this. That's my first day of using putty. But I really didn't know that I'm using SSH. I'm writing this blog post because there may be people who are like me don't know how to log in to a Linux box. And Google here and there for it.

  1. So first what you need to do is you have to download putty. For that you can Google 'putty' then you can download it. Here's the link. http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html
  2. Then run it!
  3. You will have a window like below. Enter the IP or hostname on the text box.
  1. Then Click Open.
  2. For the first time, they should be a long message with Yes, No Cancel Buttons. Please press "Yes"
  3. Then Putty will ask for the user name. Type user name and press enter.
  4. Then Putty prompts for a password. Please type password and press enter.
  5. Here you go !!!! Now you have successfully logged in to your Linux box using putty, enjoy shell!!! 
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