Install MongoDB on Windows

Installing MongoDB on windows. OOps. What I'm going to post about is not how to install MongoDB on Windows. Because It is not a normal installation process which you have select path like that. So this is about how to run MongoDB service on Windows. That's it. 

One of my cousin's friends has asked for this post, hence I'm posting this. But long time ago I posted about how to install MongoDB as windows service. It is bit different.

So you can find the way to install MongoDB on windows from official link also.

  1. First of all you have to download MongoDB binary which is suitable for your processor architecture. I mean 32bit or 64bit.
  2. Then extract it to C: drive. You can select  any drive or any folder. I post this for beginners, because its easy to use C: drive.
  3. And then create a following folders in C: drive. You don't need to worry about capital simple letters. ;)
      • c:\data
      • c:\data\db
  4. Then open MongoDB folder and go to bin
  5. After that you can see few exe files. Please run mongod.exe
If it disappears please follow instructions carefully again. If you can see a black window on screen you have done it perfectly, Now your MongoDB is working properly!
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