Start Here! Learn HTML5

Another good book for starter from Oreilly. If you don’t know how to save an HTML file with your notepad. You can learn it from this book too. And gradually the author moves to advanced topics. Also, this book contains CSS.
The author doesn’t use confusable terminology. So it's really cool for novice people. I got addicted when reading the first chapter. At the last chapter, he introduces Microsoft Expression Web. It is also again a nice tool to develop web pages. And you can learn best practices of HTML from this book too. For example, read below extract.
The nonbreaking space entity   is very popular for creating spaces, and in fact,
many WYSIWYG web site creation programs like Microsoft Expression Web and Adobe
Dreamweaver insert them for you when you press the spacebar. Don’t use nonbreaking
spaces instead of good layout techniques, though. For example, if something needs to be
indented a certain amount, use the correct HTML tags and styles for indenting it, don’t just
“space over” with a half-dozen   codes.
Those points are emphasized. So this book is a nice book to start your HTML life. There are three appendixes which help to learn about ‘Designing for Usability’, ‘Designing for Accessibility’ and cool Quick reference. A quick reference was something remarkable to me. It has only two different sections which contain what is new in HTML5 and what are the thing getting deprecated in HTML5. It’s a smart appendix.
I recommend this book for beginners who wish to begin learning HTML or HTML5 both. Name of this book deserves it 100%!!!
You can buy it from here.
· Microsoft Press, HTML5