Ethics of Big Data

Everybody talks about how to handle big data? and What are the technologies we are going to go with? What are the technologies that we are going to drop when we move towards the big data? What are the concepts that we put away when we move to big data? I even had such problems in my mind. And I had asked them from some guys even. But I never thought what is the ethical background we need with big data. 

What are the disciplines that we need when we are moving forward to big data? This book reveals an aspect that technical guys usually don’t think a lot much. Nobody knows who use our data on social sites like Facebook. This book is written with so many references. Basically with proofs. It is more like an encyclopedia on the Ethics of Big Data. But to read and understand this book you need some experience with Information Technology.

In the perspective of business, this book is very important. Because this book says how to make data more trustworthy to deliver to the business. You will have just only a few pages. But ethics are compressed within those pages. If you like big data you should read this book!

· Big Data, Ethics of Big Data